Saturday, 19 November 2016

Make Up For Dry Skin

make up for dry skin

An alternative title for this post could be 'my everyday base routine' as these are the products I tend to wear everyday. I have dry skin and these products work really well together on my face without looking cakey or making my face look like it's flaking off which is a constant struggle with some foundations. As dry skin seems to be more of a problem in the colder months I thought this would be a useful post for lots of people!

The most important product in this selection, to me, is the Real Techniques Beauty Complexion Sponge. If you have dry skin this sponge is a must! It applies any foundation in a really even way without causing the skin to become irritated or flaky. I like to use the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation for everyday as it evens out my skin tone without being too heavy or thick. This makes it a great match (see what I did there?) for dry skin as well as having a more natural finish instead of matte.

Next up is concealer! Another Rimmel product, the Wake Me Up concealer provides good coverage for undereye darkness without going into fine lines or looking cakey which I often struggle with under the eyes. Dry skin under the eyes can be quite noticeable and feel tight or flaky so it's important to find a concealer that works well with your skin

foundation for dry skin

The Maybelline Fit Me powder is my current favourite as it is very silky and soft, blending in with foundation and the skin instead of leaving a powdery finish. I also find this is great for touch ups on the go because it doesn't look cakey or obvious.

And for a bit of glow (or natural sheen in the case of dry skin) I like the Freedom Pro Highlight in Ambient as it gives a nice, subtle highlight that isn't in your face or super glittery. I've heard some people even like to use it all over the face as a setting powder!

What are your favourite make up products for dry skin? I would love to hear your reccomendations!

Harriet x
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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Nars Luxembourg Dupe?

A Nars Luxembourg Dupe?

I received this Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Luxembourg as a present at Christmas last year and when I spotted the Bourjois Souffle de Velvet in Plum Plum Pidou I snapped it up as I thought the colour may be a dupe for the Nars. As I knew the formulas are different I did assumed the Plum Plum Pidou would be a more sheer colour, possibly a more wearable version of Luxembourg but unfortunatly I was disappointed...

A Nars Luxembourg Dupe?

As you can see from these swatches the colours are very similar. As the Bourjois is more sheer it may seem different but I believe it is just a less concentrated version of the same colour as the Nars, a gorgeous raspberry plummy colour which I love! However this is where the similarities end.

As I mentioned I knew the formulas were different so was expecting a different look from each product but the wear time of the Bourjois Souffle de Velvet was very minimal and it also wore off in a very strange, patchy way.

A Nars Luxembourg Dupe?

So even though the colours of these two products may be very similar it really isn't a dupe as the formula of the Bourjois is not only different but awful compared to the Nars. On the other hand, the Nars Satin Lip Pencil applies with lots of pigment, isn't dehydrating on the lips, has a good wear time and, most importantly, wears off naturally and subtly. To wear this colour in a more sheer way I recommend applying a little bit of the colour to the lips then patting it in with a finger.

Have you tried the Bourjois Souffle de Velvet? Have you ever found a dupe for a Nars Satin Lip Pencil? Let me know!

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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Favourite Revlon Products

favourite revlon products

Another edition to my favourite products series! Today it's all about Revlon products, which are high street but tend to be at the more expensive end of the spectrum. This post looks like it's all lipstick but I promise it's not haha!

First up are two mascara's: the 3D Volume and Lash Potion. Contrary to it's name I find the 3D Volume mascara has more of a natural, lengthening look which is great for every day. I get a little bit of smudging with this mascara but take that with a pinch of salt as every mascara tends to smudge on me unless it's waterproof. The Lash Potion mascara is extremely volumising but along with this has a very big brush so you do have to be a bit careful! I really enjoy both these mascaras but I have just discovered they have been unfortunately discontinued with the release of their new mascara wardrobe but I will be trying some of these as hopefully there will still be similar brushes in there somewhere!

Another eye product I love by Revlon may seem a bit random but it is the clear Precision Lash Glue. I much prefer this to any glue that comes with false lashes as it has a stronger hold and is easier to apply as it has a brush tip. If you wear false lashes I recommend checking this glue out!

revlon lip swatches

On to the elephant in the room... Lip products! I have never tried a traditional lipstick from Revlon but I adore their Lip Butters and Color Burst Lip Crayons! I have a range of shades from both of these ranges and cannot fault the formula. The Lip Butters are extremely pigmented, not sheer in anyway, and apply easily as they have a soft consistency, just like butter. I will definitely be featuring some of the lip butter shades in an Autumn/Winter lip colour post.

revlon lip products

I have tried all three formulas of the Color Burst Lip Crayons: Matte, Lacquer and original, which are all pictured in this post. I can't say I love them all equally as the Matte and original are my favourites, not much of a fan of the shiny lip look I'm afraid. The Matte balms are more of satin matte than a true (dry as a desert) matte which means they don't dry out your lips at all while the original and Lacquer versions are quite hydrating. Both the Lip Butters and the Lip Crayons wear off evenly, without leaving a line around your lips, which is something I look for in a lip product now.

What are your favourite Revlon products?

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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Moving house... Moving home.

Advanced warning that this post is very personal and I may or may not have cried while writing it.

I have lived in the same house all of my 21 years. Yes I have been to university and lived other places but they have never been home. All of my memories and happy moments are in that house. It is the place I feel safest. It has always been with me through many tears and hard times. Whenever I feel lost I go back to this house, my home.

But this week I moved.

I moved out of my safe little nook to a strange, new place. Well, not completely strange and definitely not new because it's a whole weird situation that I won't go into. I'll summarise with I haven't had great experiences with this 'new' house and on the whole it doesn't give me happy, safe vibes.

I feel shocked, I feel lost, I feel on edge and uneven. Maybe I wouldn't feel so dramatically about moving if I had moved before but I haven't and I have always just had one home. Maybe this new house will become my home or maybe not as I plan to move out within a few years. For now it is just a house, not a home.

So I'm adapting to this new space, to saying 'I'm going back home' and not meaning my home home. For now. I'm pretty positive that with this final year at university it will quickly become my home, my new safe nook, as anyone who knows me will tell you I am not looking forward to this final year. In fact, I just want to be at home. Be it the new house or old house.

And so as I add each of my little trinkets, my books, my make up, my favourite things I feel more and more safe, more and more at home. So let's wait and see if this house becomes a home.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Skincare Recommendations for Dry Skin

best dry skin products

Combatting my crusty skin is something I'm passionate about... That was a strange sentence, but it's true! My skin is very dry and often flakes off so I'm constantly looking for hydrating skincare products to help prevent this. So today I thought I would tell you about my favourite skincare products for dry skin that I would absolutely recommend.

I've only featured one cleanser in this post and that's because it is my favourite! I use the No7 Cleansing Balm to take my make up off or if my skin is feeling particularly dry and sensitive. This has more of a cream texture than a balm and is so gentle and calming. It's great for dry or sensitive skin as it isn't irritating as all yet leaves skin feeling soft and clean.

My favourite serum is the Pixi Hydrating Milky Serum which I use most evenings before moisturising. This feels so cooling on the skin and really hydrates without making my face feel greasy. When I wake up in the morning, after using this serum, my skin is plump, bright and hydrated. I cannot recommend this serum enough!

skincare for dry skin

Another Pixi product I love is the Glow Tonic which I use in the evening after cleansing. As my skin is dry and flaky this acid toner really helps to get rid of any dead skin in a gentle and effective way. I'm looking into trying the acid toner by La Roche Posay to compare! Sometimes even after using the Glow Tonic I can have some flaky skin in the morning, so to help this I use the Foreo Luna Mini with just a basic (non-foaming) gel cleanser which is much less irritating than an exfoliating cleanser. I chose this over the Clarisonic as it has soft silicone bristles which is more hygienic and gentle. Another bonus is you don't have to buy replacement heads and I've only had to charge my Luna Mini twice in a year and a half!

Lastly, I also really like the Hydraluron serum and masks. The serum is great for days when I'm not really dry and so use it in place of the Pixi Hydrating Milky Serum. I would really reccomend the Hydraluron masks if you need a quick fix of hydration. Both of these products leave the skin feeling plump, soft and hydrated.

What products do you use for dry skin? Any moisturiser recommendations, as I have yet to find one I love!

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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Favourite Rimmel Products

Favourite Rimmel Products

Continuing my series where I talk to you about my favourite products from a certain brand, this weeks post is about my Rimmel favourites!

Rimmel Lip Swatches

Theres a lot of lip products I think are great from Rimmel so lets tackle them first. Although the versions I have are in the old packaging I'm sure the Lasting Finish and Colour Show Off lipsticks still have the same formula. The Colour Show Off lipsticks I have here are Pink Gossip and Red Fever which are a lovely pink and classic vintage red. I also have another red lipstick from Rimmel in the form of the Lasting Finish lipstick in the shade alarm which is a hint more orange than Red Fever. I really like both of these lipsticks, the Colour Show Off formula leans more matte than the Lasting Finish but both provide a luscious, pigmented coat of colour on the lips. Unfortunately I couldn't find a link for the Colour Show Off lipsticks so they must be discontinued and possibly replaced by The One lipsticks :(

Next let's talk lip liners! I only have two from Rimmel but they are both different formulas and I love them both! The retractable Exaggerate lip liner in the shade East End Snob that everyone raves about. I do like this shade but I think it's a bit too light for me however the shape and texture of the pencil is great so I would love to get some more shades. The darker pencil is the Lasting Finish lip liner in Space, a shade I often lean towards in lip products as it is similar to the 'Kylie' brown-ish nude. Both of these lip liners apply nicely and have good pigmentation; the Lasting Finish is a bit drier than the Exaggerate so lasts longer on the lips.

The last lip product is a liquid lipstick: the Provocalips lip colour in Make Your Move. A strange name but I love this! You have to apply the colour then wait for it to dry down to a matte texture, you can then apply the clear moussey gloss if you want some more moisture but the product still stays relatively matte. I really like the colour of this shade and am on the hunt for more tradtional lipsticks in this colour.

Favourite Rimmel Products

I've featured two foundations from Rimmel here, the Match Perfection and Lasting Finish Nude, which are two very different foundations. I've talked about the Match Perfection many times as it provides light to medium coverage while still looking fresh and feeling light on the skin. Somehow the Lasting Finish Nude also feels light on the skin while providing medium to heavy coverage (more than the Match Perfection but less than the original Lasting Finish). I find this foundation perfect for long days when I want to look my best or going out for a drink in the evening as it really does last a long time and provide great coverage whilst still looking natural. Although if I was going out dancing and sweating all night I am more likely to wear the original Lasting Finish, I prefer the Nude version more.

Lastly, my favourite concealer EVER (I think!). I have talked about this so many times, so I won't go no too much, but the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer is amazing. Providing good coverage whilst also feeling light and looking natural on the skin, but not too glowy. For me you just can't beat it!

What are you favourite Rimmel products?

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