Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Review: Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

I've always been a buffing brush girl when applying my foundation but the beauty blender has quite a cult following so I decided to try a out a cheaper dupe by Real Techniques. 
Please excuse the battered and dirty sponge, I find it impossible to get clean! One of the only negatives to this sponge. 

Unlike the conventional beauty blender dupe this sponge has a different shape, as you can see. I love the shape! I mostly use the flat side in a stippling motion to apply foundation all around my face and then use the other pointed end to blend around my nose and eyes. To blend the foundation around the edges of my face I roll the sponge out wards. As you can tell, the shape makes it very versatile and you can use the shape in which any way which is best for you! I also use the flat side to blend in my concealer, Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin concealer (review to come!). 

I am a total convert to the 'Miracle Complextion Sponge' and doubt I'll ever pick up a foundation brush again! It's perfect for my dry skin as it prevents foundation clinging to any dry patches or making my skin look flakey, which happens to me a lot. Even the Maybelline  
SuperSay Better Skin Foundation, which is a traumatic experience for my skin, looked okay when using this sponge! 

One worry I did have was that I might use more foundation when using a sponge instead of a brush but I found that this was not the case. You wet the sponge first, causing it grow in size, which prevents it from soaking up much of the foundation. I also spread the foundation on my face first before blending it in which helps to not use extra foundation. 

What are your experiences with beauty sponges? Like them, hate them, think the are just okay? Let me know!

Harriet x

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  1. I've never tried using a sponge to blend my makeup, but this seems a good one to try. Love lizzie xx


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