Thursday, 19 June 2014

Dressing Table Tour AKA My Make Up Collection!

So today I'm going to be giving you guys a tour of my dressing table which holds all my make-up and skin care.

But wait you cry! Didn't you disappear for two months?! Well yes I did and i'm very sorry but welcome to all new followers! I could say the cause of this break was revising for exams but in reality it was not revising for exams, oops! Thankfully I still passed and now that it is summer and I'm home for four month what else is there o do but blog and play zoo tycoon 2?! (Anyone else addicted to zoo tycoon 2?)

Swiftly moving on...

This is my dressing table! The table, mirror and the cushioned seat that came with it were from an oak wood furniture shop and match the rest of my bedroom furniture. It looks lovely and neat now but actually my dressing table is a mess! 

This is a pile of junk which a quickly brushed onto the floor to take the photos for this post. Should probably tidy that up...

Now onto more interesting things. I keep my regular skin care in this cute little from TKMaxx, its the perfect shape and size! I've got a skin care routine coming up soon so keep your eyes peeled! In the lid of the box I just keep stuff to tie my hair up while I wash my face and my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. Also peeking out is a ELF Body Glow which doesn't really fit anywhere else.

Behind this I have a Clarins box which I got for Christmas with some products inside. They do different styles of these boxes each Christmas, they are really big and always pretty! In this one I keep skin care which I use less regularly such as face masks... Mainly face masks actually! I forgot to take a picture but next to this box I keep Superdrug own brand Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser, The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil and L'oreal Skin Perfection Micellar Solution. I use these to remove my make up when I can be bothered and they don't really fit anywhere else. Having them out where I can see them also means I'm more likely to take my make up properly instead of just using a make up wipe.  

I keep my palettes on top of the Clarins box in this white paper tidy thingy from TKMaxx. A few of the palettes I have are the Naked 1 and Naked 3, some MUA ones and few Sleek.

Next to my actual make up drawers I keep my brushes in this spinning pen holder which is also from TKMaxx and matches my palette holder. I also keep my hand creams here, and lip balms in the galaxy of stars tin. 

Here is an overview of my make up drawers. I keep my Bourjois bronzer on top of the big drawers along with Benefit Hoola Bronzer, a eye pencil sharpener and a blue eyeshadow quad which I really need to use. 

Starting from the bottom, the first draw contains my base items such as primer, foundation, concealer and powder.

The next drawer up is the 'eye drawer'. in here lies single eyeshadows, eyeliner in all forms, eye primer, cream eyeshadows, mascara and my eye lash curlers.

The top big drawer is the lip gloss and Revlon Lip Butters drawer. I'm going to have a sort through this soon because I'm sure some of the lip glosses have gone gross! 

The bottom little drawer contains  all my lip sticks, mainly Rimmel, ELF and MUA. 

The next drawer is meant to contain lip stain products but lip crayons also reside in here. As you can tell I have a lot of lip products which is why this drawer and the 'lip gloss' drawer have a few different types of products.

The next drawer up contains my blush. Brands in here include L'oreal, ELF and MUA.

The last drawer contains the rest of my bronzers which are L'oreal Glam Bronze, NYC Sunny Bronzer and two ELF ones.

On top of the plastic drawers is the Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume 2 and my perfumes The bottles of these are really pretty so can't help but display them! The pink, red and gold theme was not intentional but it worked it worked out pretty well. Here I have the Escada Cherry in the Air, Victorias Secret Pure Seduction and First Flirt, Viva La Juicy, DNKY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom and La Tentation de Nina. My favourite scents are fruity as you might be able to tell. 

Inside the dressing table its self there are two drawers. The first is a junk drawer filled with a few bits I don't know what to do with.

The second drawer is very messy and filled with all sorts of hair accessories. 

And thats everything! Let me know if you would like any posts showing exactly whats in each drawer.

Harriet x
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