Thursday, 24 July 2014

My Summer Nails!

This is the first of a few blog posts which are going to be scheduled because I am going away for a month but I will be trying to do current posts too about my travel make up and such! 

This post is a just a shortie to say I can't get this colour off my nails this summer! Its on my fingers and toes; whenever I go to redo them they just end up looking the same, oops! And the special colour is...

Pink Punch by Models Own from the Neon collection! You can find it for £5 here. I love the neon collection and own all five polishes, mainly because they glow in UV light so are great for nights out. This particular favourite is called Pink Punch but is definitely a bright peachy orange. One thing I do notice with the neon collection is they tend to go gloppy quicker than other Models Own polishes but this may be because I use them so much! Apart from that these polishes glide on nails and dry pretty quickly. They do have quite a matte finish so I like to use a clear top coat to finish them off.

Whats your favourite nail colour for summer?
Harriet x

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