Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Products I Don't Use Enough

So today I went through my collection and realised I have a lot of products I barely use but I wouldn't dream of getting rid of! I'm going to make an effort to use these products more.

L'Oreal Nude Magique CC Cream (£9.99 here)
I have this CC cream in the anti-redness version and when I first got I adored it! Surprisingly I didn't use this at all during the summer when low coverage light bases are perfect. I haven't used this in forever so I'm hoping I still love it and will start using it on those lazy days.

As you can see two of these primers are colour correcting because I have a major issue with redness. The other is pore blurrer (Is that a word?). All three of these primers work well with my skin, as do the others I own, but I often just forget to use them! Primers can completely change your make up look and, in my case, help ease the redness shining through my foundation. Time to put these babies to use, especially with the cold months here and enhancing that redness.

Bourjois Java Rice Powder (£9.99 here)
I bought this powder because it's supposedly illuminating but also a great setting powder but I've actually only used it a few times. The packaging makes it really impractical for me, I always end up with the powder everywhere and too much on my brush. I'm not positive how I'm going to fix this but it is a pretty good powder so I'm going to try and use it more. I will comment that it isn't anything special and I don't think it works as just a highlighter.

Glitter Eyeliners
The first of these is a Urban Decay liner that I was given as a present and the other two are £1 MUA glitter eyeliners. They all are pretty decent but I just don't seem to use them! I bought the MUA versions with the intentions to use them on nights out on my lashes and sometimes as actual liners. All three of these liners are actually just glitter in a clear gel so aren't made for defining the eye, resulting in them lying in the back of my draw. Halloween will be a great opportunity to try and get some use out of them.

L'Oreal Glam Shine Splash Stain (£7.99 here)
I love these gloss come stains by L'Oreal but I forget to use them! Out of habit I tend to reach for a lipstick. One colour I have is great for everyday but the other is more dramatic, so I should be getting more use out of them. I'm going to make an effort to reach for these more because I love the formula and the colours I have. Plus they taste yummy!

What products don't you use enough? Are they secretly brilliant products but just forget about them? 
Harriet x

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