Thursday, 27 November 2014

Hangover Day

Been out last night? Feeling it today? This is the post for you. Yesterday was a 'hangover day' for me so I thought it would make an interesting post to know how I sort myself out. Lot's of people say 'if you have time to brush your teeth you have time to wash your face'. I am not one of those people. In all TMI honesty I barely have time to take my contact lenses out before I crash, let alone brush my teeth! 

So you've just arrived (probably loudly) at home whats the first thing you do? Get a pint of water, trust me in the morning it will help. I always get a big cup of squash and leave it by my bed for when I wake because alcohol = dry mouth. Then crash into bed and we will fix that face in the morning...

If you can manage it in the morning, shower. There isn't always time for a shower the morning after and you probably washed your hair in preparation for the alcohol consumption so if you're in a rush just stick to a ponytail. But if you have time a shower will help, trust me. Wash your body, your hair, your face. Bask in the warm water.

Speaking of washing your face, on hangover day I always use a hot cloth cleanser and a warm flannel to wash all the make up that's still left on my face and not on the pillow. If I'm wearing make up that day I follow this with a second cleanse using an exfoliator. I'm currently using the No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser and Garnier Wake Me Up ExfoliatorNow I personally very rarely experience hangovers but my skin always looks rough after a night out! 

After getting rid of wayward make up and grime the next thing on my mind is hydrate and SPOTS! If I am wearing make up I continue with my normal skin routine but add in The Body Shop Vitamin E Serum as my skin loves this for hydration but it isn't greasy and make up applies easily on top. Hydrating serums are important after drinking as the alcohol dehydrates the skin. I follow this with my eye cream, the Botanics Radiant Youth Hydrating Eye Cream and the Clarins HydraQuench Lotion to moisturise. As I generally sleep in my make up it is guaranteed I will have a few spots in the morning so I target these with the Simple Rapid Action Spot Zapper.

If I'm not wearing make up I like to give my skin all the hydration it can get so I just use my eye cream and the Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil. I usually only use this hydrating serum and oil combo at night time but after a late night of drinking this is just what I need. It has been compared to serums by high end brands and I think it can work miracles. However this can feel and look greasy on the skin so it's not great under make up.

When I am wearing make up I want hydration and light coverage, despite the mess my skin might be. Despite the spots I'll most certainly wake up with, I want my skin to breathe so opt for light and easy options. For eyes I tend to use a cream shadow, such as the Kiko Long Lasting Shadow Stick in 05, and then blend it with my finger. I then curl my lashes and add a slick of mascara, my current choice is the Rimmel Wonder'full Mascara. Next onto face. I cover up under eye circles and the bit of redness on my chin with the Maybelline Eye Eraser in light. For foundation I go for light coverage and hydration like the Rimmel Match Perfection. I set this with a powder, my current it the L'oreal True Match. My face is quite red so with a light foundation I don't need any blush but do like to add some definition with a bronzer that has a bit of shimmer, like the Bourjois Delice de Soleil. Lastly I fill in my brows with the Soap and Glory Archery in Hot Chocolate.

Another important step for me after a night out is carbs. Carbs always help! They settle stomachs, absorb alcohol and generally make you feel ready for the day. I always make sure I have some pasta or bread in to eat on 'hangover day'.

How do you help yourself on hangover day?
Harriet x


  1. Great post! hangovers are just the worst! x

    I've got a mac lipstick giveaway over on my blog if you want to take a look :)

  2. Oops, I'm one of those people who I can't go to bed without washing her face after a night out hahah. Even if I get back at 5 am I need to get into the shower. I must say that I do love the Body Shop's Vitamin E line. I haven't tried the Overnight Serum-In-Oil, but I love the Serum. xx Izzy |


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