Saturday, 20 December 2014

The Only Palette Home For Christmas


I am currently home from university over the Christmas holidays which means selecting just a few products to travel with me, a task I always struggle with as a notorious over packer. I normally end up bringing a couple of palettes with me but this year I chose just one, and the choice was easy! 

The Revolution Salvation Palette in Girls On Film is just £6 and I think pretty great quality. I kindly received this from Amy for my birthday and I am really enjoying it! There is a great selection of colours, including six mattes which match nicely with the shimmers.

The colours range from pastel, pinky to neutral to darker smokey shades. I like to look at this palette as three sections of six colours, going from left to right. The six colours in the sections all work well together,as well as with other in the palette, and they all have a similar tone. This makes it easy to create looks when in a rush but if I have more time I can play with different colour combination. 

L-R: Shooting Star, Frenzy All Down Your Spine and Smile Wider.
Now the pigmentation of this palette is not the best but it is pretty decent for a high street brand, and a cheap one at that. Of course it's not comparable to the likes of Urban Decay or Too Faced but I would say it is comparable to Natural Collection, MUA and Collection. As always with cheaper brands, the pigment is better in the shimmery shades and those which are darker. Some of the pastel shades such as in the top left (Walking Hand in Hand) you do really have to work with but others give the colour saturation from just one brush stroke. I really recommend this palette, especially for the different neutral shades it provides other than the typical brown.

What palette would you take home for Christmas?
Harriet x

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