Monday, 23 February 2015

Sprucing Up University Accommodation (And Other Small Spaces)

Although I originally intended this post to go up around September when people are moving into university halls and student housing but this post has been a long time in the making so February is when it's going up!

These photos are of my space and just how I like to decorate my area to give a homely feel, everyone has their own style. Mine is definitely not a modern or monochrome style haha! I am in my second year of university so while not in university halls I am living in a flat. As the bedrooms are en suite I basically just live in one room and this is how I like to cosy it up.

A nice bed spread - When you live in a small space your bed is often the main area of focus and takes up the most space, therefore get yourself a duvet cover you really like with matching pillow case. Red and pink are my favourite colours so a lot of my decor and furnishings are these colours. I also have a fleece blanket that I lay on the end of bed which also matches the red and white pattern of the duvet cover.

The white of the duvet cover really opens up the space but the addition of fleece blanket doesn't make it feel as cold. Opening up the space is really important in when you spend a lot of time in one room and in my room in particular the windows are small (and weirdly positioned!) so there is a lack of light. Also please ignore the ugly curtains my flat came with!

Cosy cushions - To go with your lovely bed spread why not add some cute cushions! Before coming to university I hated cushions but now I really enjoy them; they add something extra to the space and can also be used for propping things up (like yourself or a laptop, as I am currently!). I actually throw these cushions on the floor while I sleep as otherwise they get in my way. As you can see the red and white colour scheme is continued in these cushions as well as a cats, colour and a love theme!

Fairy lights - Now many people suggest candles but I'm scared of fire so I prefer fairy lights. I really love the way they look when you want a relaxing or romantic evening. Be cautious with this as not all halls and flats allow fairy lights, the halls I was in last year didn't. I highly recommend fairy lights that you can plug in rather than battery powered. I have these cute star lights around the window above my bed.

Anything can be used as decor - Now this is my make up storage that lives on, and takes up most of, my desk. These drawers were bought from WHSmiths on sale and match themes of pink, white and colour! I also have a wombat and capybara teddy on top of these which I have gathered on my travels and really have a lot of memories attached, it's great being able to see them everyday. There are some select nail varnishes on display, these are Top Shop ones I got for Christmas from my friends and I think they match the vibe of my room really well. I store my make up brushes in this spinning white carousel I bought from TKMaxx and my palettes live in a matching letter holder.

Display some of your favourite things - Now since taking this picture I have actually rearranged my books so that they are stacked as I bought some more and I actually think it looks nicer than them stood up. But my main point is that you can put on display whatever you like. This might not be to everyones taste but I like being able to see what I have, it makes me use them more! In this picture alone there is make up, jewellery and books on display. They really add a bit of personality to the room as they are related to your hobbies and interests. I love this white plastic jewellery tree I got for Christmas, again it makes my white/red/pink/colourful theme.

Storage - This isn't a very pretty photo I'm afraid, but it is the reality. Some flats have a lot of storage and some have none. I have a lot of stuff so got these drawers from IKEA last year to store some clothes and electronics in. The open up mirror on top is really handy for doing hair as I can rest my straighteners on the space where the mirror lays down. If you need extra storage do not be afraid to buy more drawers or cupboards but remember in rented accommodation it is unlikely you'll be able to put up shelves.

Lastly, just another peek into my tiny bedroom. I have my perfumes on display on this beautiful Clarins gift box from a few years ago, which contains some extra skincare such as masks. I like my space to be cosy and I enjoy being surrounded by my things as it makes me feel at home, especially as I miss my home a lot! Well that is all my little tips, sorry this turned into such a long post!

How do you like to decorate? What are your favourite decor pieces? Any tips to add? Comment below!

Harriet x


  1. Definitely agree on a nice bed! If the bed looks nice then the room looks so much better! I just bought some new throw pillows and love them x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. Especially in a small space a lovely bed can make all the difference! I've even started making my bed everyday as I feel it just looks nicer and stops me getting back in it x


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