Tuesday, 31 March 2015

My Favourite Budget Palettes


Today I'm going to talk about the three budget palettes that I reach for the most, often daily. These are all under £6 and by brands that can be found in most Superdrug stores. 

First let's talk about MUA's dupe of the Naked 2 palette. This is called the Undress Me Too and for £4 it really packs a punch! I really love the quality of these shades and the colours are wearable neutrals. I use this palette so much that I have debated getting the Naked 2 but for the price I believe this is a better option. There are matte and shimmer colours, both are pigmented although the mattes less so. I have actually bought this palette for other people because I love it so much!

Next another MUA offering which is currently £2! This is the matte palette and as you can tell from the swatches the colours aren't as pigmented as other MUA palettes. However I think this palette is an essential because if you ever need a matte crease colour it has you sorted! Although the colours are sheer you can build them up which makes them perfect for the crease. Considering the price I can handle the lower quality shadows.

Lastly the Make Up Revolution Salvation Girls on Film palette. This is more expensive than the MUA palettes at £6 but is the palette I use most. The selection of colours in this palette is great as there are neutral tones as well as some pops of colour. There is a rosey theme to this palette so is a nice alternative to the Naked 3 palette. Read my full review of this palette here.

Have you tried any of these? Tell me your favourite palettes in the comments! 

Harriet x

Saturday, 28 March 2015

My Go To Contour Combo

Lately I have only been using one bronzer/contour product along with just one brush! 

The bronzer I have been using is Hoola by Benefit. This colour works even on my pale skin so I would recommend it to anyone. I use this to slightly contour my cheek bones and then blend it around my forehead and jawline. This helps to slim down my face and give my skin some colour. While this product is expensive I do believe this is worth the investment.

Now for the brush I have been using with Hoola: the Lauren Luke contour brush. I got this off eBay for £3 but I am unsure if it is still available. Now I do not follow Lauren Luke nor had I heard of her before buying this brush but I do love this brush!

It is smaller than what I have used previously and because of the shape it really fits into the hollows of the cheek bones. This can be used to create a strong contour but I also use it to blend out the contour and put colour around the forehead and jaw line.

The shape of the brush is why I love it so much. The cut is quite flat but the brush itself is still round and tapered giving it the perfect shape. The flat cut and smallness of the brush helps it to fit into the hollows of the cheek and create a contour but the round fluffiness helps with blending. If you can I really recommend getting your hands on this brush!

Do you have a go to contour brush?

Harriet x

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Top Five Mascaras

Today I'm going to tell you about my top five mascaras! I mostly wear waterproof formulas because otherwise I get horrible black smudges underneath my eyes, so please bear this in mind!

First up a long time favourite of mine, the Max Factor False Lash Effect (in waterproof). I really love the look this gives my lashes, voluminous but also lengthening. At first I though the rubber brush would be useless because of the short stubby bristles but it actually helps to get right into the roots of the lashes.

Next the Max Factor Masterpiece (in waterproof). I feel like this is the mascara that does it all, volumes, lengths, separates and holds a curl! All with one rubber bristled brush. It really doesn't look like much because of how small the bristles are but trust me, it's a winner. This is one of my favourite options for a dramatic look, perfect for a night out. Also I really love the packaging. 

When I first saw the brush for the Revlon Photoready 3D Volume I though it was going to be a mega voluminous mascara but instead this is really separating and lengthening.  I love this for everyday but as I don't have the waterproof version currently it smudges on me. One thing to note is the rubber bristle brush is longer than the average which can be a hindrance if you have small eyes.

Volume de Chanel is the only high end mascara I have owned but it is one I have repurchased. This brush has a blend of fibre and rubber bristles which gives mega volume. I save this mascara for nights out because it is very dramatic. When wearing this mascara some people have actually commented saying they thought I was wearing false eyelashes! This mascara gives me the heart eyes.

Lastly the Revlon Grow Potion (in waterproof). Firstly the packaging of this is beautiful! The brush has fibre bristles and looks quite scary but it actually makes it really easy to get a lengthened look with little effort. It can also be built up to give good volume but be careful as it can easily clump. 

It is important to note that not none of these mascaras are clumpy as clumps really irritate my eyes!

What are your favourite mascaras? Do you prefer high street or high end? Let me know in the comments below!

Harriet x

Friday, 13 March 2015

Spring Nail Varnish Ideas

Although the weather isn't consistent in my mind it is official Spring. And you know what that means... Pastels and floral's! Here are my nail polish picks Spring.

Barry M Nail Paint in 305 Pink Flamingo is a nice bright pink that isn't too fluorescent as I reserve those colours for summer. I love the formula of the Barry M Nail Paint's and I think they are really good quality for the price. They have pretty good staying power with minimal chips, at least on my nails.

Another Barry M Nail Paint I like for spring is 134 Yellow. This bright yellow reminds me of sunshine which is especially important on those rainy Spring days. Everyone need's some sunshine yellow to cheer them up every now and then.

Two Topshop Nail Polish colours I love for Spring are this baby blue and pale pink. Blue Rinse is the perfect baby blue which I have had on my nails for three weeks! I have Dynasty on my nails right now which is just the prettiest pale pink. The Topshop formula is AMAZING! Three weeks with no chips? Yes please! I think these are the right shade's but the name is not on the bottles so I had to guess on the website.

Lastly a high end option. Nails Inc Warwick Avenue is a really sheer pink which comes out almost nude. This is a refreshing shade to wear on the nails, especially if you are looking for something more natural.

What are your nail picks for Spring? Tell me in the comments below!

Harriet x
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