Saturday, 28 March 2015

My Go To Contour Combo

Lately I have only been using one bronzer/contour product along with just one brush! 

The bronzer I have been using is Hoola by Benefit. This colour works even on my pale skin so I would recommend it to anyone. I use this to slightly contour my cheek bones and then blend it around my forehead and jawline. This helps to slim down my face and give my skin some colour. While this product is expensive I do believe this is worth the investment.

Now for the brush I have been using with Hoola: the Lauren Luke contour brush. I got this off eBay for £3 but I am unsure if it is still available. Now I do not follow Lauren Luke nor had I heard of her before buying this brush but I do love this brush!

It is smaller than what I have used previously and because of the shape it really fits into the hollows of the cheek bones. This can be used to create a strong contour but I also use it to blend out the contour and put colour around the forehead and jaw line.

The shape of the brush is why I love it so much. The cut is quite flat but the brush itself is still round and tapered giving it the perfect shape. The flat cut and smallness of the brush helps it to fit into the hollows of the cheek and create a contour but the round fluffiness helps with blending. If you can I really recommend getting your hands on this brush!

Do you have a go to contour brush?

Harriet x

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