Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Top Five Mascaras

Today I'm going to tell you about my top five mascaras! I mostly wear waterproof formulas because otherwise I get horrible black smudges underneath my eyes, so please bear this in mind!

First up a long time favourite of mine, the Max Factor False Lash Effect (in waterproof). I really love the look this gives my lashes, voluminous but also lengthening. At first I though the rubber brush would be useless because of the short stubby bristles but it actually helps to get right into the roots of the lashes.

Next the Max Factor Masterpiece (in waterproof). I feel like this is the mascara that does it all, volumes, lengths, separates and holds a curl! All with one rubber bristled brush. It really doesn't look like much because of how small the bristles are but trust me, it's a winner. This is one of my favourite options for a dramatic look, perfect for a night out. Also I really love the packaging. 

When I first saw the brush for the Revlon Photoready 3D Volume I though it was going to be a mega voluminous mascara but instead this is really separating and lengthening.  I love this for everyday but as I don't have the waterproof version currently it smudges on me. One thing to note is the rubber bristle brush is longer than the average which can be a hindrance if you have small eyes.

Volume de Chanel is the only high end mascara I have owned but it is one I have repurchased. This brush has a blend of fibre and rubber bristles which gives mega volume. I save this mascara for nights out because it is very dramatic. When wearing this mascara some people have actually commented saying they thought I was wearing false eyelashes! This mascara gives me the heart eyes.

Lastly the Revlon Grow Potion (in waterproof). Firstly the packaging of this is beautiful! The brush has fibre bristles and looks quite scary but it actually makes it really easy to get a lengthened look with little effort. It can also be built up to give good volume but be careful as it can easily clump. 

It is important to note that not none of these mascaras are clumpy as clumps really irritate my eyes!

What are your favourite mascaras? Do you prefer high street or high end? Let me know in the comments below!

Harriet x


  1. I've tried quite a few different mascaras but the only one I've actually tried from this selection is the Max Factor False Lash Effect. I haven't used it in years but I do remember that I loved it at the time. I tend to go for Maybelline mascaras usually, they're so great for the price.
    I really like your blog! I followed you on bloglovin and pinterest :)

    Tara Eavan x

    1. I used to love the Maybelline mascaras but I haven't used one in a few years, I will have to try them again!

      Thank you so much! I'll be sure to check out your blog :) x

    2. The Colossal one is great and I just bought the Lash Sensational one which is pretty good.

      Aw thank you :) x


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