Monday, 25 January 2016

Winter Skincare 2016

morning skincare routine

In the morning I have been using the Vichy Fresh Cleansing Gel with the Foreo Luna Mini to really wake myself up and get rid of any dry flaky skin, which is my major skin concern. As I want to stay in bed for as long as possible in the morning I follow this up with the Simple Soothing Eye Balm and Botanics Hydrating Day Cream.

evening skincare routine

In the evening I have more time so leisurely remove my make up with the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel, ensuring to use a flannel to ensure all the grime is removed. The Pixi Glow Tonic has completely saved my skin, it has helped me get rid of dry patches and reduce redness. I follow this again with the Simple Soothing Eye Balm and Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream.

Harriet x

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