Wednesday, 22 June 2016

My Must Have Handbag Products

Today I thought I would tell you all about my hand bag beauty essentials! I carry them round with me most days but never really tell anybody about them so here I am, giving them some praise.

Concealer - I always carry a concealer with me because my face is naturally very red, sometimes it can't help but peak through! Very frustrating but in these tragic situations I pat on some concealer with my finger to cover up the redness. My current favourite is the Rimmel Wake Me Up but I also enjoy taking the Maybelline Better Skin because it's so small and pigmented.

Powder - I don't know about you but I can't apply concealer without setting it with powder! I don't always carry a big brush like that pictured, sometimes I use the small brushes that come with powder although I find that the sponges that often come with powders don't apply very well. I like to carry square powders, like the Maybelline Fit Me, because I find they fit well into bags and slot into small spaces. The Fit Me is also great because it doesn't look cakey no matter how much I seem to apply!

Tinted Lip Balm - Most people tend to carry a lip balm with them but I prefer a tinted lip balm. Mainly because I often forget to bring the lip colour I applied with me and I can't stand my lips without any colour on them. I mean what's better than some lip hydration? Lip hydration with a hint of colour, of course! I generally go for red tinted lip balms, the one shown here is Max Factor Colour Intensifying Balm which is a very pigmented lip balm.

Fragrance - Do you ever get that feeling that you smell? Even if people tell you that you don't, you cannot help but be paranoid! For occasions such as this I like to carry a small sample of fragrance; the one shown is a sample of Philosophy Amazing Grace but I prefer vials that have a spray because they are easier to apply.

Setting Spray - Now I don't always carry a setting spray with me but if I know I'm going to be out a long time it can be super handy! If my make up looks a bit weird, cakey or dry I just give a little spritz and it refreashes my face while improving the wear time. This technique is also great if I have reapplied concealer and powder causing a cakey look. My favourite one to use is the budget friendly Maybelline Super Stay.

I have been known to carry a mirror with me but if I happen not to have one I simply use my front facing camera on my mirror!

What are your handbag essentials?

Harriet x

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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Transition to Summer: Cheeks

Summer Cheek Colours

Despite the dreary weather in England, I'm still craving those summer colours! The other week I talked about summer lip colours and today I'm going to be telling you all about my favourite cheek products for that bright pop of colour.

Summer Cheek Powders

Let's start with powders. I've had this NYX blush in Pinched longer than I would like to admit but I just love the colour! It's a nice bright pink, with a hint of coral and gold glitter. But don't worry, the glitter doesn't make you look like a glitter ball!

Another, very affordable, option is the Essence Ombre blush in Heatwave. I love this blush because you can go bright pink, orange or somewhere in the middle! You can probably tell from the pictures that I mostly use the middle of this product for a nice wash of colour.

A more expensive blush I love is the Clinique Blush Pop in Peach Pop. This looks quite scary in the pan but when applied it isn't too pigmented (a quality I love in a blush because I only like a light touch of colour) and so the result is a beautiful, sheeny, peach colour. It isn't pink and it isn't orange, this blush is definitely a peachy coral, making it perfect for summer!

With this last powder product I actually went for a bronzer instead of a blush, like all the others. Although you can probably see that haha! This is the L'Oreal Glam Bronzer, which is a great high street bronzer. Unfortunately I can't find this on the Boots website anymore but it is still available on Superdrug. This bronzer has a slight cool tone so can be used for a light contour or to warm up the skin for summer. I tend to like a matte bronzer for contour but I find the slight shimmer in this product works really well in the summer, despite the fact I never tan.

Summer Cheek Swatches

Swatches, left to right: NYX Blush in Pinched, Essence Blush in Heatwave, Clinique Peach Pop, L'Oreal Glam Bronze, Bourjois Aqua Blush in Cocori Corail and Benefit Majorette.

Summer Cheek Creams

If you are looking for a more light weight option I really recommend the Bourjois Aqua Blush. Here I have the shade Cocori Corail and I love the flush it gives to cheeks without weighing my skin down. These Aqua Blushes are also super long lasting. When blended it out it isn't as orange as it looks, trust me! Another cream blush that isn't as orange on the skin as it looks in the pan is the Benefit Majorette Cream Blush. A much stiffer formula than the Aqua Blush but it blends to almost powder finish which looks natural on the skin.

As you can tell I love peachy toned blushes as the don't just make my skin look even more red than it is! What cheek products do you love for summer?

Harriet x

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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Sharing The Love - My Blog Reccomendations

There's no Week Notes post this week because it's been a pretty average work week with no exciting extras. So instead I thought I would share the love to fellow bloggers and tell you all about my favourite blogs!

A Branch of Holly

Holly herself is such a lovely personality, I always see her commenting and tweeting support for others, and her blog is no exception! A Branch Of Holly is all about encouraging you to be motivated and creative whether it is in everyday life, your blog or business! There is something for everyone, even causal bloggers like myself. Reading a post from A Branch Of Holly isn't like reading the same old blogging tips but, instead, is a supportive and motivational experience.

Posts to check out: Take Back Your Mornings, Ten Minute Tasks To Improve Your Blog and What To Do When Things Aren't Going Your Way.

A Girl, Obsessed

Mandy is the only USA-based blogger I'm featuring (as I tend to like those where I can more accessibly find the products mentioned) but her photography is so stunning and I always read every blog post she creates, so I couldn't resist mentioning her! A Girl, Obsessed is a blog that talks about beauty, fashion, lifestyle, blogging and photography which is basically every subject I'm interested in. Again Mandy is a lovely, supportive woman who is always active in the community, especially encouraging others.

Posts to check out: How To Organically Grow Your Blog, Getting Through A Sad Day Alone and 27 Things To Be Happy About.


Now most of us know Jemma as the creator of #TheGirlGang but her blog is also a wonderful addition to the community! Everything about Dorkface is full of life, fun and colourful. If you want a break from the crisp, white and pastel aesthetic you should definitely check out Jemma's blog as it really brings those pops of colour, which you can't help but smile at. Once again Jemma is so supportive and enthusiastic about the blogging community, evident by her creation #TheGirlGang. In fact it was one of Jemma's posts which inspired this post!

Posts to check out: 20 Things I Know About Life, 50 Things To Post On Instagram and Inside My Journal.

Jaye Rockett

Jaye recently merged her beauty blog (Bed In The Kitchen) and lifestyle blog to put it all in one place at which just makes it easier for me to see all of her lovely posts and gorgeous photography. I'm not kidding when I say the photography is swoon worthy! I love seeing beautiful photography as it really inspires me to improve my own photography skills. I think 'I wish my blog looked like that!'.  So if you are looking for amazing photography and posts about beauty, fashion and lifestyle, Jaye is your girl.

Posts to check out: Being Productive When You Have Nothing To Do, When Things Aren't Going Your Way and Peachy Cheeks.

As I was writing this post I just kept thinking of more and more blogs I wanted to feature; there will definitely be more posts like this in the future!

Which blog posts have you been enjoying lately? Let me know!

Harriet x

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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

A Boots and Paperchase Haul!


I popped into town on Saturday (as I mentioned in my Week Notes) only to buy a few bits and it got a little bit out of hand....

squared notebooks

First let's talk stationery! I went into Paperchase for a small square scrapbook and photo corners for said scrapbook but ended up picking up some more notebooks. I have been on the hunt for some  notebooks with squared pages for a while and I bought some big A4 ones off Amazon but I still wanted some smaller ones really. The amount of times I had been into Paperchase to look and never found them but this time I spotted some! I got a pack of three for £5 and they're just want I wanted.

I also purchased this simple list book which was only £8. I like how simple it is but also perfect for my needs. The separate long list and short lists is a great idea! The little tabs that say 'to do', 'memo', 'note' and 'check' have a sticky strip no the back as well at the short list and long list.

Next let's talk skincare! I had a code for 40% off the Body Shop which was great timing as I wanted to try out the new Vitamin E day lotion with SPF 30 and needed a new night moisturiser. Unfortunatly the Vitamin E SPF 30 day lotion wasn't in the discount because it was new but I bought it anyway, needs must. It will be perfect now the weather is getting warmer and the Vitamin E range really agrees with my skin. The Vitamin E Night Cream, however, was in the discount and so far I love how it feels. I also picked up my usual Simple Eye Balm, from Boots, as I had ran out.

Then I wandered into the make up section of Boots and bought three more Bourjois Rouge Velvets... I know I'm awful! But I mentioned how much I loved them in my Best of Bourjois post and so many of you agreed I had to buy some more shades. Just had to! And then there was a 3 for 2 offer on so of course I had to take advantage and buy three. I bought the shades 07 Nude-ist, 08 Grand Cru and 17 Cool Brown. I had also run out of my favourite setting spray by Maybelline so I picked up another bottle.

Have you made any exciting purchases lately? Link me your haul posts below!

Harriet x

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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Bad Neighbours 2 and Pub Golf - Week Notes #3 5/6/16

This week hasn't been very busy, as it has been half term, so I've just been taking it slow and trying to tick lots of things off my to do list! However it did get a bit more interesting towards the end of the week...

On Wednesday it was the first of June which means Treat Box time! This months was a baking themed box. I really enjoyed eating the biscuit, look at its pink glitter blush! A little bit disappointed with the part ring nail file, I actually thought it was going to be sticky notes. Some of these things I will be passing onto friends but I will be getting use out of the chalkboard stickers and adorable little pegs.

On Thursday I went to see Bad Neighbours 2 at the cinema and it was quite good, especially for a sequel! If you are going because Selena Gomez is featured I wouldn't get too excited because she only appears briefly twice however Chloe Grace Moritz was on top form, I love her! The film was very funny and there is a feminist theme running through, as the plot focuses around some girls creating a sorority that is equal to fraternities when they are told only fraternities are allowed to throw parties. At some point it came off a little bit like they were making fun of feminists but I think the overall message was positive, I'd recommend seeing it if you liked the original Bad Neighbours film.

Then on Saturday I had a lovely, busy day! I went into town with my friend for some lunch and spot of shopping.  We went to a little Italian which I had never been to before but it seemed to be family run, was quite small and cheap. Only £6 for pizza or pasta! I had the Boscailoa, which was penne pasta, fresh mince, onion and garlic, and I asked for it without mushrooms which they didn't mind at all. This was a baked pasta dish which gives it a texture I really enjoy. My friend has the carbonara, of course I tried some and it was the best carbonara I've ever had! We also shared a garlic bread. The food was excellent and lovely, friendly service. I really recommend going if you are in Lincoln.

Then on Saturday night I went to a Pub Golf event because it was another friends birthday! I didn't realise until I got there that there was rules, oops. In each bar/pub we had to have a certain drink and then write down how many gulps we drank it in. The goal was to keep on par (or under? I don't know the rules of golf haha). Straight away I was losing because I had to take a forfeit of five points as I can't do shots! Towards the end of the night most people stopped keeping score, and there might of been some sneaky lying about points, but we did have a winner and it was a brilliant night. We didn't go to any clubs, which was refreshing, and instead had a dance in some of the bars. Of course the night ended with a naughty McDonalds, totally worth it.

How has your week been? Has it been half term where you are? Tried any amazing food? Let me know!

Harriet x

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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Best of Bourjois

favourite bourjois products

So I've talked about my favourite Maybelline and L'Oreal products, next up is my favourite products by Bourjois!

First up is the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets which I cannot help but rave about at every turn! You can see my first impressions here, but I truly do love these products. They feel light and comfortable while also being pigmented and long lasting. True to the 'velvet' name they do set to a matte finish. I have the shades 09 Happy Nude Year, which is much more peachy than nude so perfect for Spring, and 12 Breau Brown, a lovely brown nude suitable for daytime and nighttime. I definitely need to try some more shades of these!

Another lip product I love by Bourjois is the Colour Boost Crayons, pictured here in the shades Red Island and Plum Russian. I also mentioned these in my Summer lip product post because the formula is really pigmented without being dehydrating and also very comfortable. Unlike the Rouge Edition Velvets these are not matte, instead provide a satin, slightly shiny finish. However I love them just as much because they really pack a punch and don't require as much concentration to apply!

best of bourjois

Next is a eyeliner I've loved for a long time: the Smoky Effect Pencil in Ultra Black. This is one pencil eyeliner that barely smudges on me; a huge issue I have with liquid and pencil liner, unfortunately. But even when smoked out, using the super soft brush provided, this pencil barely moves on my droopy eyes! I really recommend checking these out if you're in the market for a new pencil liner and they come in a range of shades.

Lastly, a long time favourite bronzer for is the Bronzer Delice de Soleil in Fair/Medium. Although many people rave about the chocolate bronzer by Bourjois I've always found them lacking in pigmentation. However the Delice de Soleil is pigmented but not so much that it doesn't suit fair skin. In the pain you can see some flecks of glitter  but I find these don't transfer onto the face when applied. I often use this as my everyday bronzer for work.

What products do you love by Bourjois? Tell me in the comments so I can give them a try!

Harriet x

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