Wednesday, 8 June 2016

A Boots and Paperchase Haul!


I popped into town on Saturday (as I mentioned in my Week Notes) only to buy a few bits and it got a little bit out of hand....

squared notebooks

First let's talk stationery! I went into Paperchase for a small square scrapbook and photo corners for said scrapbook but ended up picking up some more notebooks. I have been on the hunt for some  notebooks with squared pages for a while and I bought some big A4 ones off Amazon but I still wanted some smaller ones really. The amount of times I had been into Paperchase to look and never found them but this time I spotted some! I got a pack of three for £5 and they're just want I wanted.

I also purchased this simple list book which was only £8. I like how simple it is but also perfect for my needs. The separate long list and short lists is a great idea! The little tabs that say 'to do', 'memo', 'note' and 'check' have a sticky strip no the back as well at the short list and long list.

Next let's talk skincare! I had a code for 40% off the Body Shop which was great timing as I wanted to try out the new Vitamin E day lotion with SPF 30 and needed a new night moisturiser. Unfortunatly the Vitamin E SPF 30 day lotion wasn't in the discount because it was new but I bought it anyway, needs must. It will be perfect now the weather is getting warmer and the Vitamin E range really agrees with my skin. The Vitamin E Night Cream, however, was in the discount and so far I love how it feels. I also picked up my usual Simple Eye Balm, from Boots, as I had ran out.

Then I wandered into the make up section of Boots and bought three more Bourjois Rouge Velvets... I know I'm awful! But I mentioned how much I loved them in my Best of Bourjois post and so many of you agreed I had to buy some more shades. Just had to! And then there was a 3 for 2 offer on so of course I had to take advantage and buy three. I bought the shades 07 Nude-ist, 08 Grand Cru and 17 Cool Brown. I had also run out of my favourite setting spray by Maybelline so I picked up another bottle.

Have you made any exciting purchases lately? Link me your haul posts below!

Harriet x

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