Sunday, 12 June 2016

Sharing The Love - My Blog Reccomendations

There's no Week Notes post this week because it's been a pretty average work week with no exciting extras. So instead I thought I would share the love to fellow bloggers and tell you all about my favourite blogs!

A Branch of Holly

Holly herself is such a lovely personality, I always see her commenting and tweeting support for others, and her blog is no exception! A Branch Of Holly is all about encouraging you to be motivated and creative whether it is in everyday life, your blog or business! There is something for everyone, even causal bloggers like myself. Reading a post from A Branch Of Holly isn't like reading the same old blogging tips but, instead, is a supportive and motivational experience.

Posts to check out: Take Back Your Mornings, Ten Minute Tasks To Improve Your Blog and What To Do When Things Aren't Going Your Way.

A Girl, Obsessed

Mandy is the only USA-based blogger I'm featuring (as I tend to like those where I can more accessibly find the products mentioned) but her photography is so stunning and I always read every blog post she creates, so I couldn't resist mentioning her! A Girl, Obsessed is a blog that talks about beauty, fashion, lifestyle, blogging and photography which is basically every subject I'm interested in. Again Mandy is a lovely, supportive woman who is always active in the community, especially encouraging others.

Posts to check out: How To Organically Grow Your Blog, Getting Through A Sad Day Alone and 27 Things To Be Happy About.


Now most of us know Jemma as the creator of #TheGirlGang but her blog is also a wonderful addition to the community! Everything about Dorkface is full of life, fun and colourful. If you want a break from the crisp, white and pastel aesthetic you should definitely check out Jemma's blog as it really brings those pops of colour, which you can't help but smile at. Once again Jemma is so supportive and enthusiastic about the blogging community, evident by her creation #TheGirlGang. In fact it was one of Jemma's posts which inspired this post!

Posts to check out: 20 Things I Know About Life, 50 Things To Post On Instagram and Inside My Journal.

Jaye Rockett

Jaye recently merged her beauty blog (Bed In The Kitchen) and lifestyle blog to put it all in one place at which just makes it easier for me to see all of her lovely posts and gorgeous photography. I'm not kidding when I say the photography is swoon worthy! I love seeing beautiful photography as it really inspires me to improve my own photography skills. I think 'I wish my blog looked like that!'.  So if you are looking for amazing photography and posts about beauty, fashion and lifestyle, Jaye is your girl.

Posts to check out: Being Productive When You Have Nothing To Do, When Things Aren't Going Your Way and Peachy Cheeks.

As I was writing this post I just kept thinking of more and more blogs I wanted to feature; there will definitely be more posts like this in the future!

Which blog posts have you been enjoying lately? Let me know!

Harriet x

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