Sunday, 5 June 2016

Bad Neighbours 2 and Pub Golf - Week Notes #3 5/6/16

This week hasn't been very busy, as it has been half term, so I've just been taking it slow and trying to tick lots of things off my to do list! However it did get a bit more interesting towards the end of the week...

On Wednesday it was the first of June which means Treat Box time! This months was a baking themed box. I really enjoyed eating the biscuit, look at its pink glitter blush! A little bit disappointed with the part ring nail file, I actually thought it was going to be sticky notes. Some of these things I will be passing onto friends but I will be getting use out of the chalkboard stickers and adorable little pegs.

On Thursday I went to see Bad Neighbours 2 at the cinema and it was quite good, especially for a sequel! If you are going because Selena Gomez is featured I wouldn't get too excited because she only appears briefly twice however Chloe Grace Moritz was on top form, I love her! The film was very funny and there is a feminist theme running through, as the plot focuses around some girls creating a sorority that is equal to fraternities when they are told only fraternities are allowed to throw parties. At some point it came off a little bit like they were making fun of feminists but I think the overall message was positive, I'd recommend seeing it if you liked the original Bad Neighbours film.

Then on Saturday I had a lovely, busy day! I went into town with my friend for some lunch and spot of shopping.  We went to a little Italian which I had never been to before but it seemed to be family run, was quite small and cheap. Only £6 for pizza or pasta! I had the Boscailoa, which was penne pasta, fresh mince, onion and garlic, and I asked for it without mushrooms which they didn't mind at all. This was a baked pasta dish which gives it a texture I really enjoy. My friend has the carbonara, of course I tried some and it was the best carbonara I've ever had! We also shared a garlic bread. The food was excellent and lovely, friendly service. I really recommend going if you are in Lincoln.

Then on Saturday night I went to a Pub Golf event because it was another friends birthday! I didn't realise until I got there that there was rules, oops. In each bar/pub we had to have a certain drink and then write down how many gulps we drank it in. The goal was to keep on par (or under? I don't know the rules of golf haha). Straight away I was losing because I had to take a forfeit of five points as I can't do shots! Towards the end of the night most people stopped keeping score, and there might of been some sneaky lying about points, but we did have a winner and it was a brilliant night. We didn't go to any clubs, which was refreshing, and instead had a dance in some of the bars. Of course the night ended with a naughty McDonalds, totally worth it.

How has your week been? Has it been half term where you are? Tried any amazing food? Let me know!

Harriet x

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