Wednesday, 13 July 2016

My Most Used Brushes

most used brushes

Brushes are something I use everyday but rarely talk about them on this blog! So I thought today I would take the chance to tell you my five most used brushes.

First up is the Zoeva Face Shape brush which I use to blend in concealer (when I don't use my complexion sponge) under my eyes, around my nose and on my chin. The Zoeva brushes are so soft and this brush makes quick work of blending in concealer, especially compared to the much smaller brushes usually advertised as concealer brushes.

After I've blended in my concealer I set it using a powder and the Real Techniques Setting brush. I never though about using a separate brush to set concealer but it really helps in preventing creasing under the eye; a problem I really used to struggle with. All the Real Techniques brushes are soft and well made without the super expensive price tag.

Going along with the setting brush is the Real Techniques Blush brush which I use with a powder to set my whole face. I personally find this too big to use for blush but the perfect size for face powder  as I find the bigger powder brushes do not properly set my face.

top five brushes

Another brush from Zoeva is my beloved Wing Liner brush which is perfect for using with a brow pomade! Unlike many other eyebrow brushes it is not as dense, therefore providing light realistic strokes rather than a harsh block of colour, which can easily happen when using a brow pomade.

Lastly, an eBay bargain brush! This came in a set of four brushes, which can be easily found just by searching on eBay, and I love using it to blend out eyeshadow in the crease. The angled shape means it slots into the crease and makes it simple to soften any harsh edges.

What are you most used brushes?

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