Sunday, 31 July 2016

The Deep and Space Centre - Week Notes #4 (31/7/16)

This week has been pretty great! The first week off of the summer holidays for me; I have finished my placement and can relax until it is time to go back to university in September.

"BUT WAIT" you say! What about that essay you have to do? Well I have already finished it and I am so so happy to have it complete. I actually wrote most of this essay on Monday so I will not have to think about it for the rest of my time off now.
On Tuesday I went to The Deep and had a whale of a time! (See what I did there?) As we went in the summer holidays there were lots of children and families which meant patience was required to see a lot of the tanks but it was still a great day as most people were equally patient and kind. I really enjoyed the way that the aquarium was set up, you start at the top of the building and work your way down through the exhibits. The 'centre' of The Deep is 'Europe's Deepest Viewing Tank' which has lots of interesting animals such as rays, sharks and two saw fish! One of my favourite parts was the staircase which has a viewing deck into this tank on each level. You can even see the very top where staff are monitoring the tank!

As you can probably tell I also loved the 'Cold Seas' area which featured lots of jellyfish glowing in the dark! The picture above is a small tank filled with tiny jellyfish surrounded by mirrors so when you look in you can see yourself and it looks there are millons of jellyfish! Incredibly cute and cool.

Then on Friday I went to the National Space Centre in Leicester which we thought would be a quick visit but actually took us four hours! We could of spent even longer if we had done all the interactive attractions and astronaut training. However, again, there were quite a few families so we decided to let them do these instead of queueing up, especially as these were more geared towards children.

My favourite part of the National Space Centre had to be the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium Show called 'We Are Stars'. This show told the story of how the Earth began and how we are all connected to stars. It was incredibly interesting and even though I knew most of the science behind it thanks to A Level biology, I throughly enjoyed watching the show. The effects we amazing, especially projected onto the spherical ceiling of the planetarium.

After the Space Centre we managed to go see Finding Dory at the cinema, a film I would highly recommend to adults and children alike! Yes, I did nearly cry but I managed to hold it in. There are a surprising number of plot twists whilst also sticking to the plot line and keeping you engaged. I really cannot speak highly enough of Finding Dory.

What have you been up to in the summer holidays?


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