Tuesday, 29 August 2017

A Very Late ColourPop Haul

colour pop haul

Now this is going up MONTHS late but hey, better late than never right? One weekend ColourPop were doing free international shipping so I decided to finally get my hands on some of the KathleenLights collaborations as she is one of my favourite YouTubers. A little tip - I also split these into a few different orders to avoid custom charges.

aquarius liquid lips

First up we have the Aquarius trio which includes the Aquarius ultra satin lip, Aquarius ultra glossy lip and the Aquarius 2 ultra matte lip. The satin version is definitely my favourite but I also get a lot of use out of Aquarius 2, which is more cool toned than the original. I personally think I prefer the satin formula as it feel less drying on the lips, however the matte formula is by no means super drying and is still comfortable.

where the light is eyeshadow

Next up I chose the Where The Light Is collection (of course!). These eyeshadows are simply beautiful, warm toned neutrals are definitely my go to colours. I have never experienced anything like the ColourPop formula, they have a slightly creamy feel but are still a powder shadow. This formula works well with the sparkly and metallic shades but I'm still learning how best to use the matte shades - any tips are welcome! The colours all work well together and you can make a range of different looks, from simple to dramatic. I can't wait to use the Blaze shade on a night out!

I also picked up the single eyeshadow in Weenie, which is a gorgeous rose gold, however I forgot to include it in these pictures!

kathleenlights satin lips

Lastly I picked up the ultra satin lip in November which is also a KathleenLights collaboration. This shade is a pretty, bright mid-toned pink. Not too pale but also not super bright or neon. I really enjoy wearing this shade for a natural, feminine look and tend to gravitate towards it if I'm unsure what colour to wear. The shade on the right is Frick N Frack which I bought on a whim as it took my fancy.  This comes out much darker on my lips than I expected and is a sort of burgundy tone, not quite as red as it looks in the tube or swatched.

kathleenlights swatches

I am dying to get my hands on more lip and eyeshadow colours but the custom and shipping charges scare me! What are your ColourPop reccomendations?

Harriet x

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