Thursday, 4 January 2018

Some 2018 Goals

2018 goals

Usually I'm rubbish with resolutions; I keep them to myself and end up failing. I'm hoping this year writing my goals down will make me more accountable. This year I want to...

Blog More
I go through phases where I blog regularly but in 2017 my posts were definitely sporadic, especially after saying repeatedly "I'm going to blog more this month". This year I'm actually going to put the effort and time in to improve my blog, including posting more regularly. I posted everyday on Instagram in 2017, so I believe I can do this if I put my mind to it!

Lose Weight
I know this is controversial but I really want to fit back in all my pretty clothes. My weight doesn't particularly effect me or get me down but I just can't bare to part with some of my favourite clothes, even though they don't fit me anymore. So the solution for this is actually lose some weight this year, that red halter dress deserves some more love.

Spend Money More Sensibly
Now I don't blow all my money in one go or anything, I ensure I have enough to pay my bills and do the things I want to do. However, I do have a tendency to 'treat myself' waaay more than I should. This year I'm going to put more thought into where my money goes, do I really need any more homeware? Do I really need another book to add to the massive 'to read' pile? And on a similar note...

Have a One In One Out Policy with Clothes
I definitely have too many clothes. As previously mentioned, quite a bit of my wardrobe no longer fits. Therefore, if I want to buy a new piece of clothing this year then something from the wardrobe must go! I haven't bought many clothes in 2017 but I am rubbish at getting rid of stuff so it all piles up and has to go somewhere.

Get A New Job
In 2018 I want to find a stable job, that I don't hate or dread going to. In 2017 I graduated and entered the big wide world where my experience with jobs wasn't that great... But this year I want to have a job I'm reasonably happy in, without much stress and a stable income (essential now I've moved out of my parents house!). I don't have any particular ambitions or dreams when it comes to my career which is why I don't need a job I completely love yet, I have no idea what I want from life yet!

I'm keeping it simple with just five broad goals this year. What goals do you hope to achieve in 2018? I'm loving reading everyone's posts on this topic!

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