Hi there! I'm 22 and currently a student at the University of Leeds, studying sociology. My time is split between Leeds and Lincoln, both very different cities.

This blog comes from my passion for make up and talking. This platform allows me to share, communicate and create with a range of people, without boring you with my voice. I thoroughly enjoy being a part of the online, and offline, beauty community.

The title for my blog, Shake This Town, originated from my Tumblr username. 'Shake this town' is a line from the song Party, Fun, Love and Radio by We The Kings. They are a small American based band who write catchy, fun songs as well as slow and meaningful. Check out the song that started it all here, it always makes me smile and dance. I highly recommend it if you're feeling down or stressed!

Got a question? Feel free to e-mail me or contact me on twitter.

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